Friday, July 1, 2011

Articles on Sarah Palin July 1st, 2011

1. Does Sarah actually think celebrities want to kill her children?
OK now Sarah has really gone off the deep end. Madonna and Matt Damon don't give a shit about her kids... Read more:   Sarah Palin has a Serpants Heart

2. A Trip Down Memory Lane for Sarah Palin in Minneapolis
It was Christmas season in 2009 when Sarah, Todd, and Trig appeared for the book signing event at the Mall of America in Minneapolis... Read more:   Malia Litman

3. The Fantasy of Sarah Palin
Who supports Saah Palin? Why does anyone like her? Why would retired and unemployed Americans give her money?... Read more:   Malia Litman

4. Bristol Palin book upsets Ohio town she stayed in
Bristol Palin's new book is being panned in the Ohio community where her family spent the night before her mother was announced as John McCain's 2008 Republican running mate... Read more:

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