Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Women: Cher Calls Sarah Palin The C-Word

"You guys, Cher said a cuss about Sarah Palin, and not just any cuss but the worstest most terrible cuss in the whole wide world unless you live in England where they call their moms that, and also the postman, and also, like, a cup of tea. They are all like, would you pass me that cunty cuppa, and yes I would like some cream. My point is, they do not seem to think it is the worstest most terrible cuss in the whole wide world, but here in the good old US Amercia, we surely do! And that is why Ben Shapiro, the escaped patient from Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s Internet Hospital for the Criminally Sniveling, is so, soooo, sooooooo mad at Cher for calling Sarah Palin a “cunt,” except she did not actually say “cunt,” she said “dumb c-word,” because we are all children apparently."

Why is it everyone who says something bad about Sarah Palin, has to apologize? Well Cher just called Sarah a cunt! I wonder if Cher will apologize to Sarah? Way to go Cher. Thank you for sticking up for all us women who think Sarah Palin is full of shit, a loser, freak, and not a woman who stands up for women's rights or represents us...  Read article @: Wonkette

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