Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Video: Sarah Palin Interview With Jake Tapper Of CNN

"CNN host Jake Tapper recently sat down with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for a wide-ranging interview. In a clip of the full interview which aired on CNN, Palin was grilled over her insistence that women face more scrutiny in politics than men, specifically in regards to their physical appearance. When Tapper insisted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s appearance is a political issue, Palin said that was only because his appearance is “extreme.”"

It has been five years since Sarah Palin came on the scene as John McCain's running mate and things have not changed. Palin is a fiend when it comes to the superficial. You would have thought she might have some different talking points, better speech etiquette, bigger vocabulary since 2008, but no. 

It is the same old bag of tricks and charade it has always been. Sarah is still the flippantly erratic porn politician, that bases her status on looks, not intelligence. Even though in the interview she says differently. Thanks to the rich propagandaists that are using her again, we have to endure this idiot...   
Read article and watch video @: Mediaite

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