Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sarah Palin The Greatest Christian of Them All

"Three things seem inevitable: death, taxes, and the yearly ritual of an imaginary war on Christmas. That’s right. Every year the forces of persecution band together and claim that if everybody in the country doesn’t at least pretend to be Christian during the Pagan holiday season, they are waging a war on Christmas."

It is amazing to me that Sarah Palin is still reputable to some folks. It shows how uneducated some citizens of America can be. More importantly how people with big money, can use Sarah Palin to fool those people and rob them of the little money they have to buy books Sarah's name appears on. 

“Everywhere,” she told the crowd, “it seems that faith, religious freedom is under attack. It’s pushed out of the public square.”

If Sarah Palin is so godly, christian like and really believes what see spews to the masses. Palin should take up the career of a pastor. I bet Palin has never read the bible front to back and could not even remember one bible verse. That is why it is so easy to make money off religion, for Sarah. A charlatan she will always be...      Read article @: Politicususa

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