Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am Live @ Occupy San Diego

Why Occupy Wall Street and All Streets?
Photo rights: Christopher Rios

Because we are the 99%. Wall street and all streets belong to each of us.

Are you tired of the rich getting richer and the poor, poorer? I am. Had enough of corporations buying elections? I am. Angry that minimum wage is not enough to support you and your family so you have to work many jobs? I am. Pissed off that the same crooks get to sit on the supreme court, house or senate with no term limits? I am. Fed up that wars continue, while education and jobs and going down the toliet? I am.

That is why I am at Occupy San Diego and will continue to be here until my voice, along with my brothers and sisters voices, are heard and our demands are met. Below is a picture of what our camp looked like before we were forced to take it down.

Photo rights: Christopher Rios

But that did not stop people from continuing moving forward to Occupy San Diego. As of today, there is one tent left, and many sleeping bags on the floor around the outside of the Civic Center.

Photo rights: Christopher Rios

This movement is a seed, that will bloom into a beautiful flower. Nobody said it was going to be easy or fast. So as we water the seed with nutrients of love and patience, we will watch and take action to make the seed grow for the welfare of the 99%.

Photo rights: Christopher Rios

The monopoly the 1% has had, needs to be distributed down to the 99%. Greed is a weapon on mass destruction. 8 years in Iraq, the bank bailouts, the corrupt politicans with life term limits need to go. People need to be bailed out not banks. Wars need to end and education and jobs need to be created. Politicans, Supreme Court Judges, and all Public Servants should have term limits.

Photo rights: Christopher Rios

Photo rights: Christopher Rios

As we send jobs out of the country so corporations can pay people pennies while they make billions. It is time to stop what you are doing and stand up for a New Revolution. Occupy Wall Street has an agenda to make that Revolution happen. I urge you to jump on the bandwagon in your area and take back your streets, cities, states and country one day at a time. Get involved in your local chapter and make it happen starting today.

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