Friday, August 26, 2011

Articles on Sarah Palin Friday August, 26, 2011

Congresswoman (D-NY) Bella Abzug

1. Three Ways Not to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day – August 26, 2011
As second wave feminism gathered peak velocity forty years ago, the late bombastic and behatted Congresswoman (D-NY) Bella Abzug persuaded Congress to designate August 26th as Women’s Equality Day. It recognized the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that in 1920 gave all U.S. women the right to vote...  Read more:   Gloria Feldt

2. Permanent Palin
The most polarizing figure in American politics is never going away.
Not if she stays out of the race. Not if she jumps in. Whether you love, hate or respectfully decline to invest emotional energy in her, Sarah Palin is here for good...  Read more:   Daily Caller

3. Arizona Democrats ‘furious’ at special-ed teacher considering a run against Giffords
Anthony Prowell teaches at Liberty Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona...  Read more:   Daily Caller

4. Five reasons why Sarah Palin will run (and five reasons why she won't)
It’s official—or at least as official as polls taken 14 or so months before the election: There’s a new sheriff in town...  Read more:   LA Times

5. Is Sarah Palin too thin-skinned for a presidential campaign?
I suspect we’ll learn the answer on September 20, when THE ROGUE is published...  Read more:   Joe McGinniss

6. A Lesson from Sarah Palin: Do as I Say, Not as I Do
In her personal life, she promotes abstinence, but she was pregnant when she married...  Read more:   Malia Litman

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