Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Articles on Sarah Palin Wednesday August, 24, 2011

1. First an Earthquake, Then Keith Olbermann Applauds Sarah Palin
It has been one weird been one weird day here in the East. We had an earthquake and Keith Olbermann applauding Sarah Palin on Countdown...  Read and watch:   Politicususa

2. President 2012: Is Sarah Palin Willing to Roll the Dice?
Well, is she? Because of Palin loses in Iowa and New Hampshire, she is essentially done in politics and her celebrity status is destroyed – put a fork in her Fox News gig and her huge speaking fees...  Read more:   Flapsblog

3. Karl Rove's and Sarah Palin's Fox News Feud
This is her last chance... She either gets in or gets out. I think she gets in." Palin clearly didn't like being backed into that corner very much... 
Read more:   National Journal

4. Levi Johnston "Too Busy" To Run for Mayor
 "Levi doesn't want the office of the Mayor to be a joke and so he's not going to do it right now." ...  Read more:   Political Wire

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