Sunday, August 28, 2011

Articles on Sarah Palin Saturday August 28, 2011

1. 67% of Voters Say They Would Never Vote for Sarah Palin
A little more than week before Sarah Palin’s tea party event in Iowa, a new Pew poll has found that 67% of voters would never vote for Palin... 
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2. The Second Oldest Profession – Lying for Christ
New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman, in addressing the issue of early Christian forgeries, writes that there is a history of “lies and deception in the history of the Christian religion” and “irony in the fact that lies and deception have historically been used to establish the ‘truth.’”[1] It is beyond contestation, as he points out in his recent book, Forged (2011) that pious Christians practiced deceit on a large scale...  Read more:   Politicususa

3. Politics and religion can mix
An election year is just around the corner, and right on schedule we're witnessing the return of the liberal obsession with conservative politicians' religious beliefs...  Read more:   LA Times

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