Saturday, September 3, 2011

Articles on Sarah Palin Saturday September 3, 2011

1. If Only I Could Make This Stuff Up...
But I’m just not good enough to invent this true story:... 
Read more:   Joe McGinniss

2. Who Says Sarah Palinn is Stupid?
Just when you thought Sarah Palin was ignorant, uneducated, and not politically savvy, a new realization comes...  Read more:   Malia Litman

3. Sarah Palin will back Rick Perry; And you Can Take that To The Bank Says Fund
Libertarian Republican columnist for the WSJ John Fund goes down a laundry list of reasons why Sarah Palin will not be running for president, and will ultimately endorse her friend Rick Perry in his latest, "Why Sarah Palin Is Not Running."...  Read more:   Libertarian Republican

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