Monday, September 5, 2011

UPDATED: Why NOT a Fake Run?

Do you really think, Sarah Palin ran the half marathon in Storm Lake, Iowa? I personally do not.

Just like in the early days of babygate, there were only a few picture's circulating, of Sarah pregnant. I find it truly odd that I can only find 3 pictures of Sarah Palin running the half marathon in Storm Lake. When the day before there were 100's. And the day before that at least 50.

The one below shows Sarah Palin coming out of left field.
What, did she just pass everyone? Why is she, the only one on the grass? To me it does not look like she is passing people. It looks like she just came out of nowhere. You would have thought,  how loved she is and after her big speech yesterday, the planners of this event,  would have put her in the front row of the starting line up? Wouldn't you?

Doing a little research I found at this website Storm Lake Running Club about 700 pictures of people in this event, that had only 199 runners participating. NOT one picture of Palin was on this site. Don't you find that strange for, Miss I want my picture plastered all over the world? I do.

Where is the rest of Sarah's crew in any pictures? Only one fan of her's there? Folks unless there are more pictures of her in this race exposed, I would wager she did not run this race. We all know Sarah is capable of pulling off a fake pregnancy. Why NOT a Fake run?

UPDATED: I guess the photo's are from 2010, but when I officially went there they said 2011. Either Sarah did not run or ran in the relay part of the event. But Sarah Palin did NOT run the whole half marathon. That is bullsh*t folks.

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